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2015 Lesson Problem set pdf posted for part A

October 28th, 2015

Today the Lesson Problem set pdf files posted for part A. You will find all the section A.1 problem set files in the zip file at the beginning of that section, and the section A.2, section A.3 problem sets at the beginnings of those sections and so on.

The part B problem sets are underway, and we will let you know as soon as those ones are posted.

The Solutions tab for the 2015 lessons has also gone live. This tab allows you to navigate to the video solutions for the problems in a way that corresponds to the 2015 lesson problem set pdf files. It is already tied into the problem system and the forum as well.

For those of you using the problem system, no changes are needed. If you want to have a paper version of the problems to refer back to, though, you can get that now.

But if you are currently using the pdf files from the 2014 lessons to work problems, you should consider changing to the pdf files for the 2015 lessons. The problems in these files correspond exactly to the material in each lesson, and the problems that are first pass problems in the problem system are also labelled as first pass problems in the pdf files.

As always when something new is posted, please let us know if you notice anything that seems out of place!

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