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Last couple of days …

November 5th, 2007

Today you should be working problems, but what about tomorrow?  I always like to rest the day before the exam.  I might flip through the summary sheets a couple of times, but nothing more.  I definitely recommend going to bed early.  It is likely to take you longer than usual to go to sleep so it helps to get into bed 30 minutes to an hour early.  IMO, the worst thing you can do is stay up all night studying.  You will likely be tired so the studying won’t be too effective and it could cause you to be tired on exam day too.

On exam day there will be a handful of people with their notes cramming right before the exam.  I always thought this was silly.  If you don’t know it by the morning of the exam, then you are not going to know it.  Plus there is always a chance that you will confuse yourself of something that you do know.  I strongly recommend against cramming the morning of the exam.

During the exam try to relax and stay positive.  If you have studied hard enough, then it is very likely that you know how to work enough problems to pass.  The key is finding those problems you know how to work and getting them right.

Good luck!

James Exam Tips