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Mon, 09 Nov 2020
Today the SOA released the new QFI Quant syllabus for 2021. The changes are described below. Overall this is a small to moderate amount of changes to the syllabus. Add 1. QFIQ-129: Negative Interest Rates and Their Technical Consequences, AAE, 12/2016 2. QFIQ-130: Interest Rate Models – Theory and Practice, Second Edition, Brigo, Damiano and … Continue reading QFI Quant – Spring 2021 Syllabus Changes
Sat, 17 Oct 2020
We just posted a youtube video covering tips and recommendations for CBT based exams, please check it out here!
Thu, 08 Oct 2020
The SOA recently posted a video of the Prometric setup that you can expect to see on exam day. Be sure to watch it here. A few noteworthy things and other comments: It does appear you will be able to view files side by side A timer will prompt you at key points to let … Continue reading Important Updates for CBT Exams
Tue, 06 Oct 2020
We are now accepting student photo submissions for the TIA instagram account! We will also give FREE GIVEAWAYS (e.g. TIA T-shirts) to all students who submit a photo that is featured on our instagram page. Submit your photo here now!