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Wed, 17 Jul 2019
Registration for all fall 2019 SOA exams is now open on the SOA’s site. Please don’t forget to register for the exam. The deadline is Monday, September 23.
Wed, 10 Jul 2019
In January 2019, we surveyed our FSA exam customers to identify patterns in study habits. The survey was sent after candidates received their fall 2018 results. As with most surveys, response rates were fairly low, but we received over 350 usable responses and were able to discern some interesting patterns in study habits. In the sections … Continue reading What does it take to pass an FSA exam?
Thu, 06 Jun 2019
SOA study notes are now available for sale for fall on the SOA’s site.
Mon, 27 May 2019
As many of you know, this is the first sitting for the new LAM exam! Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about LAM vs LRM, so I wanted to collect some thoughts here. 1. LAM Syllabus: First of all, the LAM syllabus is very different from the LRM syllabus. You should think of it as … Continue reading LAM vs LRM – How Different?