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Thu, 17 Sep 2020
As of right now, we are about 6 weeks out from the fall 2020 exam date. I was hoping that by this time we would have some sample questions from the SOA to use as a guide for what to expect under the new format. I’m sure they are working hard on developing additional guidance, … Continue reading More thoughts on CBT exams
Fri, 11 Sep 2020
We just posted some updated materials for LAM-135. The main change is there was an “in thousands” label we removed. Additionally, we incorporated a spreadsheet example into the Part II video for LAM-135.
Mon, 20 Jul 2020
2020 has been quite a year to say the least! With all that’s happened in the world since March, it’s also easy to forget that most FSA exam syllabi underwent extreme changes in 2019–2020. I’m very proud of the effort our team has made during the last two years of disruption, and I also admire … Continue reading ILA roadmap for CBT-related updates in fall 2020 and beyond
Thu, 16 Jul 2020
Today (July 16th) we did some final updates to the LAM seminar to get it fully in place for Fall 2020. I have already updated the new study guides, and will be updating the supplemental material section over the next few hours. For those who already got an early start, you may notice that we … Continue reading Seminar Updated for Fall 2020