Exam 5

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Thu, 13 Aug 2020
Hi everyone,   I just finished updating the Excel problem sets for all sections to include the problems from Spring 2018 through Fall 2019, so all of the Excel problem sets are now fully up-to-date.   Thanks, Josh
Tue, 07 Jul 2020
Hi everyone, Given the recent CAS announcement about Computer-Based Testing, it is also worth noting that the TIA exam 5 course already has Excel versions available for all of the problem sets, quizzes, and original practice exams. These can help you practice using the Excel format to answer the exam questions. Thanks, Josh
Mon, 24 Feb 2020
Hi everyone,   I just finished posting the updated H.3 (ULAE) section to the website. This is the last of the planned updates I have for exam 5 for this sitting. In the last few months, I also updated the G.2 (Expected Claims), E.2 (Implementation), and C.4 (Special Classifications) sections, in addition to a few minor updates/corrections. […]
Wed, 06 Nov 2019
Hi everyone,   I just uploaded a completed set of solutions to Fall 2019 exam 5 under the Quizzes and Practice Exams -> Combined/Revised past exams part of the TIA site. Also as a reminder, if you think any questions may have been ambiguous or defective, you have until November 12 to submit your comments […]