Exam 6

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Sun, 03 Feb 2019
Note from the TIA forum: I have created “Quick Summary Videos” for the following papers: >Odomirok14 >Odomirok15 >Odomirok19 >COPLFR As the name implies, these videos are designed to be very quick overviews where I point out the most important points of the paper. I’d recommend watching these during your final stages of exam preparation, after [...]
Tue, 22 Jan 2019
I uploaded files discussing the Fall 2018 CAS exam questions to the Additional Material section. I will also be updating the manual files to add these questions. Also, quick reminder that I have been updating the Accounting paper (Section A-F) manuals to add more detail to certain sections (most detail was already mentioned in the [...]
Thu, 03 Jan 2019
I will be making some minor improvements to the study manual. The content will be unchanged, but I will be adding more description to some sections. Most of the additions would be points that I had already mentioned in the video discussions. So its perfectly fine to continue to use the original versions. If any [...]
Sun, 30 Sep 2018
I uploaded updated “Combined CAS Exams” to the Additional Material section. These combine the questions from the various study manuals. You can take these as practice exams. Note that there are only minor changes between these updated files and the files that were originally on the site: >removed the questions from the papers that were [...]