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1 month to go

October 7th, 2007

You have exactly one more month to study.  Hopefully you have gone through all the material at least once.  Now is the time to focus on working problems.  I recommend working all the recently published exams  first.  I’ve attached edited versions of those exams with the problems no longer on the syllabus stripped out.  If you have trouble working any of these problems, then please let me know.

After you finish those problems, then start working (or reworking) all the section problems again.  Work 10 from section A.1, then 10 from A.2, and so on.  After you have worked 10 from each section, then start over and work 10 more.  This will help you stay fresh on all the material.  You will basically be reviewing the entire course on a continuous basis.  Every couple of days read over the Summary sheets (these is one for each section).  Most of the stuff on the sheets should be understood, therefore there is no need to memorize.

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